Welcome to my Toastmaster Marketing Training with Hosting from Toastmaster John Drinkwater to support the Toastmaster Appecetera Theme and plugin  and a premium hosting platform.

I started this with some webinars in 2019 and started this site in January 2020.  After finishing all the work as “Lord Zoom” for the D91 Conference, I can concentrate on completing the launch of the platform for the new 2020-2021 Toastmaster year.

What is available for your Club?

I have a complete WordPress Hosting Platform ready for you. The same setup I use for my Toastmaster Clubs and the small business owners I support from ExpertsWho.com.  As we add more website features, webinars and training videos, you will get them too. 

  • Free WordPress Hosting for your Club until Aug 2020. Expect costs around £3.00+ VAT month after that.
  • Dedicated Toastmasters Theme, following Toastmasters Brand Guidelines. We have a new more modern design being created for us.
  • Built-in Event manager to help promote your club events
  • Social Media promotion tools (in development)
  • Premium Page editor licence included – Elementor Pro
  • Weekly Q & A Webinars, recorded for reviewing later starting in June 2020.
  • Library of Training for using the Web Site and social media.

About Me

I have been a software developer for 30 years and marketing on the Internet for 20 years.  Probably the oldest geek in the village! That does not make me an expert but does bring a great deal of experience. I only joined Toastmasters in the summer of 2018 and became involved in Toastmasters Public Relations in 2019. I don’t have all the answers, but I try to apply my knowledge to marketing my Clubs Epsom Speakers,  Tandridge Communicator Champions and Reigate Rhetoric.  I am happy to share with other clubs so that we can all build and grow.

For those interested, in my daytime, I am a carer for my parents, and I run several websites to develop software and help smaller businesses win more online through ExpertsWho.Com

Why set this all up?

Like many other VP PR, when the job was handed to me it was a bit of a mess. We had a WordPress site, but themes and plugins without licences and no clear method for promoting the club.

My simple plan was to not hand on a mess to the next VP PR, but to make everything clean and easy to use, so the next person can work on promoting the club without lots of time wasted on the admin site.  

Once I started thinking more strategically for the Area, then Division and Distract, I could see how a group approach could bring bigger benefits.

On the hosting side, Toastmasters don’t have very busy sites, and therefore you can load quite a few into a reasonable hosting package. it is also possible to purchase a number of premium WordPress plugins with agency licences, which again spreads the cost.

Quite Frankly, it is impossible to find even the cheapest hosting platform and then add the premium plugins within the prices I am offering. That’s the way this package has been designed. Do not expect me to be offering you all 24-hour support, we are not building in the price of an expert on hand 24/7. We are covering the costs of the platform, the plugins and hopefully a little extra for me to create supporting content.

The plan is to run weekly webinars with time for Q&A. These together with supporting video training should allow most people to find the answers they need and I am sure a community will develop.

A big thankyou

The more I create, the more a realise there is to do. I could not do this alone and would like to thank all those from the area and district teams and members in Epsom, Reigate, Tandridge and Sutton Clubs who have supported and helped me.

Together we are certainly stronger.

P.S. An unexpected benefit awaits

if you run a small business and need a website then you may also want a few quality pages of content to promote what you do.

My company works with Experts, Trainers and other ‘knowledge” based businesses. However, as a Toastmaster, you just might like to run a website with the same tools we have made available to Toastmaster clubs.

Therefore you can have a ‘low volume’ website using the same plugins for the price of £5 + VAT per month.  The same support restrictions still apply.

For your information, my main client base can book a least one hour of my time per week and pay from £800+VAT per month.